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LinkedIn Profiles in the DMV

January 10, 2019

To be taken seriously in today’s work environment, you need a photo that works for you. Yes, your LinkedIn profile shows how awesome you are, but it’s also important that your photo is the right one to draw the attention you're seeking.

The hiring manager who sees your photo on LinkedIn will develop a specific impression of you. And that impression will likely remain constant during an interview--and beyond.

So it’s important to think about how you look in your photo. What are people likely to conclude about your personality and your competence by looking at you?

You certainly can’t control how everyone will perceive you. But, you can take steps to ensure your picture will portray you in a positive light. Your wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle, body language, and facial expression will give someone a lasting first impression. This is where a seasoned headshot photographer can be invaluable.

It’s worth it to take some time examining what vibe your picture might be sending. You can even try different photos over a series of time to see which one seems to get you noticed the most on LinkedIn.

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What is Personal Brand Photography?

December 26, 2018

Personal Branding is marketing you! A Personal Branding Photography Shoot is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence. Photos that truly show off your unique personality and style are so important to creating a brand, getting clients and growing your business.

It's is about capturing who you are, what you do and what makes you and your brand unique. Are people seeing what you want them to see? Taking care of your digital footprint is a golden opportunity to get more customers, attract potential employers and increase your business. If you are someone who has already leveraged social media by organically growing a base, a shoot will significantly enhance your brand. If you are at the beginning stages of starting your business, having the right imagery is an imperative step to send the proper message to your clients. This is an investment in you and your business that can be the difference between standing out or merely becoming part of the crowd.

- Henry Spencer

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December 15, 2018

Having a headshot in your arsenal is definitely a must. Whether it’s for LinkedIn, your new job, resume, we’ll cover why it’s so important in another article. Today I’ll be providing you with my top 2 benefits of getting a professional headshot.

1. Let me introduce myself!
Headshots are a good way of introducing yourself. With improvements in technology, organizations are becoming more adept to hiring without interviewing the physical person. Interviews are conducted online or through phone calls. Because if this, one does not need to physically meet anyone, but the company can search for the right person more efficiently.

How does one stand out from the masses? A professional headshot will make a huge difference. First and foremost, it will highlight you as someone who is professional. Any potential company that comes across your professional image online, will definitely take notice and will look at your qualifications with interest than others that may not have gone the extra mile by getting a professional headshot.

Headshots may be required for a variety of reasons such as a published article, a job interview, creating a network, blogs and social media. Whether you need a headshot for a job interview, blog or website creation, your photo will be the first interaction a reader has with you; thus the headshot should leave an impression on the audience to ensure that the audience remembers you.

2. Personal Branding

Headshots are a good way to either brand yourself or get your brand noticed. As a mid-level career professional or just starting out, all individuals would like to send a message to the business world that he/she is a qualified professional. This is the image that your audience will associate you with it become an essential part of your brand.

- Henry Spencer


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